Tuesday, December 23, 2014


What's really excellent is when you get courtesy calls regarding your medical bills two days before xmas when you are still not able to work and they are like "oh hey this is your giant balance would you like to pay that over the phone today?"

hahahaha no.

AND this is why I screen my calls.

In other news it looks beautiful outside the sky is actually skyblue like the crayola with fat fat puffy clouds.  It looks like March and makes me want colcannon with a glorious butter well in the center and Irish soda bread and rhodedendrons and spring jackets and walks oh to take a WALK would be amazing.  Maybe by the time it is March I will be able to do that.

In the meantime I am going to read so many books that have piled up and maybe finish that manuscript I've been sitting on for two years.

I went online to look for soup spoons and I found some and they would be perfect for eating colcannon as well as soup. 

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