Saturday, September 19, 2015

some good things

Writing this post with my brand new laptop as my ten year old mac book has been stuttering and unreliable for months and stopped recognizing the keyboard and touchpad about a week ago. VERY EXCITED. I plan to totally write all kinds of stuff now that I have a proper computer again. The tablet is okay, but it's not the REAL THING.

Still muddling through as a working person. It's brutal sometimes but I am doing it, albeit at about three quarters--okay maybe half?? capacity.  I am finally off prednisone and can see my cheekbones again.  My digestive system is slightly better as I have not yacked in the work trash can in two weeks. It is still, however, more or less in ruins so we will see what the GI doctor says next week.

Watching: just finished season two of The Blacklist.

Reading: The Light Between Oceans which is okay but I keep setting it aside to sleep ZZZZZZ.

Cooking: absolutely nothing because gut problems and I am too exhausted to cope with dirty dishes.