Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008


Still trying to play catch-up. I've been a little blah.

The house is a mess, stuff is piling up, etc, etc, etc...

I'd rather read right now than do anything else. I just got some new books I can't wait to crack open. Alas, giving in to this escapist urge to read novels and such just puts me further behind.

Sunday is set aside for blossombones stuff. I've got a big stack 'o subs in the inbox that I haven't read yet...mostly poetry for the winter issue. Looking forward to reading!

I have a website project to finish, as well.

I'm tired. Really tired.

Maybe someday I'll sleep for an actual all-night stretch again. That would be quite nice.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 A.M Ramblings

So, it appears I will not be sleeping tonight. Again. I cannot figure out why I am plagued with anxiety lately. There's plenty of good stuff going on. Yet, I cannot sleep, cannot concentrate for longer than a few minutes at a time.


Just watched a movie so incredibly bad I don't even wanna discuss it. Awful, awful.

If I wasn't so distracted I'd try and catch up on reading submissions tonight, but I need to be focused for that. I'm hoping to get through everything in my inbox by next week, though. It's good to have a goal.

Things I am tired of:

1. Doctors

2. Fuckwit neighbors

3. Ringing phones

4. Lack of sleep

5. Hot days (I am crabby, and in the mood for something gloomier.)

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Oh, lord! I finally saw Teeth a couple of days ago. Wow.

If I were still a Women's Studies student I'd want to write a film paper on that baby. For sure.

Also, I am overwhelmed and delighted with the quality of work people are sending us at blossombones. I've been reading digital chapbook submissions and I'm blown away. Blown away I tell you. Beautiful, beautiful work.

I wanted to wait until we close up the submission period for fall before sending acceptances, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. Stay tuned....

Plus...It's time for a gratitude post! (Yeah, I have my fluffy moments...)

Top 10 Things I'm Digging Right Now

1. Collaborative poetry

2. Mango Lemonade

3. Pathogenesis by Peggy Munson

4. Anything to do with cyborgs

5. Summer dresses

6. New pens and pencils

7. Reading mystery novels in the wee hours of the morning

8. Wearing my husband's bathrobe

9. Old photographs

10. Laughing so hard that my throat is hangover-dry the next day

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I wish I could wear earrings, but my immune system will not allow it. Crapity. I have these cool Celtic knots that I really dig, but they are silver, and apparently, I have some werewolf blood. They are a bane to my earlobes.

Okay, so I saw the X-Files movie last night and didn't think it was as bad as everyone says. It was kind of like watching a really long episode. Besides, I love going to the movies. I wish I could spend the rest of my life sitting in the dark, watching movies and eating popcorn. This would make me happy, if only the seats were a tad more comfy.

I am so tired of doctor visits and blood work. I love phlebotomists who find my tiny, weak vein on the first try. I do not enjoy the bend of my elbow being used as a pincushion.

I forgot Cathy's birthday yesterday, and must call today and beg forgiveness because I am such a lax little sister.

I am dangerously close to running over to the new JC Penny and begging for a job. I can stock merchandise. I can direct lost customers to the appropriate department. I have a college degree, you know.

What exactly does a restaurant hostess do? Just say Welcome to Restaurant X, let me show you to your table. Dude, I could handle that.

I would like to write a novel, but fear my attention span is too short for such a long project. Whenever I sit down to write prose, I end up saying screw this, and write a poem instead.

Cyborgs fascinate me.

I need to grocery shop. I would like to buy some cheese. I would like to make a grilled cheese sandwich with garlic butter and have it with a real (non-diet) Coke. This is a recurring fantasy.

This whole bout of anxiety/depression/insomnia is getting exhausting. Seriously.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I should be sleeping...

but, of course, I like switch back and forth between bouts of insomnia and narcolepsy.

I just finished watching the most effed-up movie ever: Botched. Really, I can't even comment. I'm speechless.

If you're the type who enjoys a good bad horror movie, this might be worth a rent. (But you need to be the sort that thinks nothing is too over the top. Nothing.) I will say this: it does what I believe any modern horror movie ought to do--satirize the genre. And I must admit, I was laughing. I think my husband worries about what kind of twisted person finds this stuff funny...

What can I say? Horror movies de-stress me. I don't know why.


As for poetry stuff, new work is online at Caffeine Destiny and Ghoti. Very exciting!

Also, I have two poems in the latest print issue of Zygote in My Coffee (#5). Available for purchase here. Dig it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random stuff and various no particular order

And now, for some politically incorrect things that I think are funny anyway:

natalie dee

Also, Stuff White People Like. Most recent post: #106: Facebook.


The list also includes things like sweaters, expensive sandwiches, David Sedaris, and tea.

Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.


In poetry news:

The Myths and Legends issue of Whistling Shade is now online! My poem "From the Diary of Vesta" is featured within its lovely and mythic pages :)

Also, if you live in the Chicago area, Melissa Culbertson and Leigh Stein will be reading tomorrow for dancing girl press!

Friday, August 8th, 8 pm
The Fine Arts Building
410 S Michigan
Studio 921


Leigh Stein is the author of Cautionary Tales, winner of the 2007 Pavement Saw Press Transcontinental Poetry Award, and the chapbook How to Mend a Broken Heart with Vengeance, available from Dancing Girl Press. She lives in Brooklyn and works for a comic book publisher.

Melissa Culbertson recently graduated from Lewis University with a degree in Literature. Her poetry has appeared or is set to appear in Flyway: A Literary Review, Windows, Pebble Lake Review, Barn Owl Review, Wicked Alice, and [GROWLING SOFTLY] , a collection put together by Blood Pudding Press. Melissa's chapbook, the fire-wife, is forthcoming from dancing girl press in August of 2008.


Also: If my attention span continues to shrink, I may just Twitter instead of actually blogging. Nah.


Saturday, August 2, 2008

General Bloggery

After a horribly stressful week, things seem to be settling down.

I FINALLY saw The Dark Knight yesterday, which was totally fabulous! (And even if it weren't, sitting in a darkened theater having buttered popcorn and slushies is always rather cheering.)

I'm so glad it's Saturday! I got a bit of writing done today, did some laundry, watched 21 and Charlie Bartlett (which were so-so, although I must agree with Melissa that Robert Downey Jr. is the shit), made vegetarian stir-fry noodles for lunch, I have a fresh jar of sun tea brewing on the patio, and I'm just generally feeling better.

I also posted a few photos of the Myopic Poetry Series reading on the blossombones blog. Enjoy!