Monday, April 27, 2009

Playing catch-up...

I have not been especially wordy these days, what can I say?

Luckily, things have been busy, and I'm wrapping up (and starting up) a number of projects. Naturally, keeping up with the blog has taken a backseat to other things.

We've got some terrific subs rolling in for the next issue of blossombones. If you're thinking of sending me some poesy, do it soon! The deadline is April 30th.


I've got a few new poems out this spring:

"Rose Red, On Sibling Rivalry" in the latest Goblin Fruit (online)

"The Dominatrix is Dead" and "Notes on a Blue Movie" in Zygote in My Coffee (online)

Four poems in SPIDER VEIN IMPASTO, a wonderful multi-writer project put out by Blood Pudding Press. If you've never checked them out, you should. The editor makes absolutely beautiful handmade chapbooks. Whenever I get one in the mail, it feels like Christmas--all decked out with sparkly goodness, complete with ribbons and bows.

"The Botanist" in the 2009 issue of RHINO (print)

A few others are forthcoming, although I seem to be sending out less work these days. I've been on a writing/submitting hiatus lately, which makes checking the mail (and email) less stressful, but less interesting, too. Hoping to get back to it soon.


Currently Reading:

Mondo Crampo by Juliet Cook

Recovering the Body by Nicole Cartwright Denison

The Ghost Orchid by Carol Goodman


Currently Planning:

A chapbook shopping spree--which I intended to do last February, but was too distracted by all the bills I had to pay! I'm buying poetry goodies this week. I swear.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Isn't she pretty?

Apocrypha is now available from Dancing Girl Press! The cover turned out lovely--thanks so much to Missy for her beautiful photograpy!

Also, three new poems are up at Melusine, Or Woman in the 21st Century, along with some fabulous work by kickass poets like Melissa Culbertson, Juliet Cook, and others. Good stuff.