Monday, October 5, 2009

Now entering October Country...

(Photo from aforementioned reading with the wonderful poets from DGP at Flourish Bakery. What a fun venue!)

Have I really dwindled down to about a post a month? Sad.

This fall weather is so beautiful. I want to read horror stories and eat pumpkin bread.

Life is at some strange transitional phase right now. Still trying to figure it all out. So many good things have (or will shortly) come to an end. One can only hope this makes room for new good things. Perhaps. I remain optimistic...

I am writing a new series of poems, still doing a few websites for people (and thus, my own is sorely out of date. I hope to remedy that very soon), keeping busy with family stuff. It's hard to stop and write a journal entry when I'm feeling so scattered.

I'm also cooking a lot, and making more vegetarian meals. No, I'm not a full-on vegetarian. Just trying to eat less meat...for a number of reasons.

That's about it.

New poems are online at word for/word #15. This delights me for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it's such an innovative journal. I love reading it. Also, I am fond of my cyborg poems. I am so happy these three found such a terrific home :)

Oh! I also want to mention that while An Introduction to the Archetypes is sold out (!), I have two author copies left to sell or trade if anyone's interested...