Sunday, December 21, 2014

I promised M I would not push myself today and of course I couldn't even if I wanted to but there was some cooking because I COULDN'T for the last two days (baking those cookies was a bad idea I felt like the dead) and I needed real food.  Although I have had to change the way I do things (no more standing at the stove and hustling back and forth) I am grateful for the seated work station we made and my little red prep bowls filled with onions and peppers and garlic etc... I made chili and you know you did it right when it makes your nose run just a little bit plus the fridge was full of vegetables that needed to be used up and eaten so there.  I rescued the vegetables from waste except for one lost, DAMP red bell pepper that could not be saved.  Also I needed an excuse to eat cornbread which I baked in a big cast iron skillet and cut into wedges and ate petite little bites with a fork like it's cake.  My jaw had its moments but was reasonably well behaved today and I even had two beautiful clementines for dessert.  I watched Rhymes for Young Ghouls on Netflix and then I watched Anchorman 2 and I am tired of the television now.

I found four long silvery witch hairs and plucked them out, which is silly.  Compulsive, compulsive.  In their own way, they are kind of lovely.

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