Friday, March 26, 2010

Spooky Things

The house is very quiet today. I wrote another poem I really like, something for the final section of the next manuscript-in-progress. I have a bitchin' title but I'm not ready to share. I am researching the ghosts of famous dead women. Seriously. I even googled "famous dead women" but I got a whole bunch of crap about Brittany Murphy & that's not what I was looking for at all. Last night my bedroom door blew shut early in the evening & sort of rolled open (with a slow, deliberate creak--eerie!) in the middle of the night & I wonder if we have a ghost or some bizarre draft coming from god-knows-where because it was hella cold yesterday so it's not like we had the windows open.

I have a voodoo doll that sits in a tiny wooden casket & wears a top hat with a big purple feather in it & his name is Tony. Maybe I need to prop Tony up outside my bedroom door to scare away the ghost because he looks very much like a creepy scarecrow, except for the fancy purple duds. Tony is something of a dandy.

Now, you would think the maybe-ghost would inspire outlandish, haunted dreams, but nope, nope, nope. It was reruns again last night: the dream where I show up at a poetry reading & forget to bring poems & I am frantically trying to remember them but I can only recall the beginnings & the ends & I forget the middles. The irony, of course, is that one could easily discard all the middles of their poems at a reading & nobody would even notice. Poems are not like Oreos.

Speaking of food & scary things, I am thinking about the fact that I do not like beets because they are magenta and kind of freak me out & I understand there is a variety of golden beets & I would like to try them but can't imagine where they might be found here in the glorious, glorious burbs. Sometimes I am standing behind a woman at the grocery store & she is buying soda & canned spaghetti sauce & bottled salad dressing & sweet-sweet sugar cereal & I think about all the HFCS & funked-up chemicals & unnecessary additives and feel bad about the garbage people eat every day. M & Z really like Doritos, which I think are totally gross & the most unnatural shade of orange. I always feel bad when I buy them, but I don't want to be totally insane about the occasional junk food binge. Sometimes, a person's gotta have their fakey-fake foodstuffs & sometimes that person happens to live in my house. Once I saw Michael Pollan on The Colbert Report & he talked about how he got busted buying Fruity Pebbles for his kid at the supermarket & I liked him even more. Into every life, a little high fructose corn syrup must fall.

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Yes, that ghost is actually a marshmallow peep with a bite taken out. It seemed especially fitting.

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