Saturday, March 13, 2010

Because I can't afford therapy :

Today I think I might like it if I lived near the sea, perhaps in New England or the Pacific Northwest. It is misty & gray & quite lovely in a gloomy sort of way, which makes me want to write things & watch movies & eat something richly spiced with ginger & cinnamon & nutmeg. I might be the only person I know who prefers the gloom to sunshine, but there you have it.

I was late for the poetry reading yesterday because it was raining & traffic was vicious & I felt terrible but everyone was very gracious & kind which made me feel better. I read only my ghost poems & did not read anything from Cyborgia, but perhaps I should have. I tend to think people want to hear something different, but often this is not the case. I bought two poetry books at random by people I do not know, which is exciting. Supporting the literary arts is awesome.

I wrote three new poems this week. One of them feels like a total slam-dunk although I may change my mind about this later. I want to send out a small batch of submissions at the end of this month (or next month or whatever), as I haven't sent out anything in quite some time & this leaves me feeling rather like a cello that is out of tune--all cumbersome and discordant. I am also reworking for the gazillionth time my other manuscript, which is not about cyborgs.

I have discovered that I rather love meeting new people as most of them are quite decent & actually do think about things other than shopping & are not at all like automatons. This is refreshing. They ship a coupon magazine in the mail where I live and call it Consumer Lifestyle Magazine & I find this creepy & dystopian in a Brave New World kind of way, where everyone is wearing disposable clothing and growing designer babies in see-through jars & taking soma vacations. I throw the book away without opening it but I might not if they called it something else, like The Big Coupon Book or whatever. Some jerkwad in a plastic cubicle probably thought Consumer Lifestyle Magazine sounded classier, but it's just annoying & pretentious. M tells me I am always overthinking things, but I cannot help myself.

I finally watched Zombieland & I liked it very much, especially the whole "rules" business & Woody Harrelson is always creepy looking (although I might think so because of Natural Born Killers) but was very entertaining & there was a pretty bitchin' celebrity cameo & of course ZOMBIES so, like duh. I was amused. Still, Shaun of the Dead is better. If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead, you should.

Oh, and P.S. I made a totally wicked grilled cheese sandwich the other day.


CoffeeLovinMom said...

How did i not realise OC was you?
Now I want to see Shaun of the Dead..maybe

Susan said...

My electronic presence is everywhere. Or there's a really witty AI pretending she's me.

Shaun of the Dead rocks. You should totally rent it.

Kathleen said...

We love Shaun of the Dead in our house. We own it.