Monday, March 29, 2010

The Hare Moon & Other Ramblings

The moon is full tonight & according to Dorothy Morrison, April is the Hare Moon--a time for the celebration of earthly fecundity, for planting seeds, for initiating projects. Romance is abundant in the ether... As an interesting side note, Hans Bierdermann claims the hare is a "lunar animal...because the dark patches on the moon suggest leaping hares" (164). I have never thought the maria looked much like pawprints, but I like this image. I do! Giant Bunnies on the Moon! Sounds like a children's book, doesn't it?

What dreams does the full moon bring? Last night I dreamt I observed the performance of a head-ectomy (I'm sure there's a better term for it, probably something that uses Latin) in an operating theater. Men draped in white separated a woman's head from her body & the body was wheeled away on a gurney & I found myself wondering which part of her they were trying to save & which part might be disposed of as "medical waste."

Yes, I'm still fixated on dismemberment, although this one was surgical, as opposed to accidental.

Surgeon: "By cutting off something, something needs to be healed" (my head, apparently). "Being saved in times of distress" (I'll take a pass on the head removal, thanks.) & (last but oh! not least) "Authority; often the male hero" (can a get a hell no?)

Also: "According to Freud, the head is symbol of masculinity." Say what, Siggy?

What I do find interesting here is the image of a woman's body as a site being acted upon by male agents. ((Here is where I exercise some profound restraint & avoid writing a dream analysis based on feminist theory because it would probably bore you to death although maybe it wouldn't.))


How I Plan to Celebrate the Hare Moon

1.) Roasted Pear & Arugula Salad, Lemon-Herb Risotto

2.) Coloring Mandalas

3.) Pondering the Tattoo I Will Never Get Because Let's Face It, I Don't Like Pain

4.) Zombies & Rabbits OR Zombie Rabbits

5.) Something To Do with Onions

6.) Refusing to Speak to Anyone Who Does Not Curry My Favor with Dark Chocolate & Excessive Bowing & Scraping

p.s. Do not attempt to curry my favor with curry. I don't like it.


Kathleen said...

Thanks for the full moon reminder, the hare moon info, and the celebrating ideas. I shall bow and scrape to you from here and mention that my son made Oreo Balls when he was home for spring break, and we still have some, but they are going fast.

Susan said...

I have never had an Oreo Ball!

Luckily, I have a large bar of Extra Fine Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt on my desk, so I can curry favor with myself. I might even go crazy & dunk it in some creamy peanut butter, it being the full moon & all.

Anonymous said...
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