Thursday, April 8, 2010

Somewhere, there is a woman with too many spoons

So the horrible, twitchy anxiety is not fully attributable to my inability to handle stress. Thyroid hormone shite is all out of whack again. Still I've had heart palpitations & the shakes for weeks. It's maddening because it totally feels like I'm cracking up, but hopefully the adjustments will kick in & I will feel semi-normal soon. In the meantime, I'm watching an insane amount of Battlestar Galactica (only one disc left for the whole series!) & trying to keep the caffeine to a minimum (although I am made of caffeine-avoidance FAIL today). Tried to write something new this afternoon but I am way too jittery. Revised a few of my newer pieces, though.

I have an overwhelming amount of paperwork that I am avoiding. I will regret this later, but my powers of concentration have gone all funky.

My spoons continue to vanish. Poof!

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