Tuesday, April 20, 2010

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My contributor's copies of Kaleidotrope arrived yesterday & I cannot wait to carve out a little time & dig some wicked sci-fi zine-age. My poem "If Snow White Were a Cyborg" appears in this issue.

I also woke up to an acceptance from a very exciting anthology project this morning, which led to the happy desk-chair dance, because I will never be too cool to dance in my chair.

Last night I dreamt that Mike & I sold our house & moved into a very tiny, dilapidated dwelling with cracked, mismatched tile & peeling paint. He was trying to fix the floor with pieces of vinyl & scotch tape. There was an odd, U-shaped kitchen. Zach had (apparently) moved away, so perhaps the dream takes place in the future. I had so many boxes to unpack, but not enough space for our things--cooking pots & books & piles of paper & unraveling sweaters & holey blue jeans--it was all too much!

Sounds like a run-in-the-mill anxiety dream to me. Still, I am thinking about Jung and his dream of exploring a house--the kitchen representing alchemy & transformation, especially. The U-shaped kitchen & the house in general feel like yonic symbols...The house is symbolic of the body of the dreamer. Perhaps I think I am falling apart & cannot be easily fixed? Intriguing.

I am drinking Contant Comment tea because it was my mother's favorite & reminds me of my childhood. I am finally catching up on things, yet I still feel perpetually buried in minutiae. I also feel like baking something today. I'm thinking about Snickerdoodles, Blueberry Scones. I have some mega-awesome cinnamon from Penzey's. I have dried blueberries from TJ's too. And demerara sugar! I am in the mood for some kitchen alchemy. Must have been the dream...

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