Monday, April 19, 2010

A Remedy for Anxiety {or} When All Else Fails, There is Always Dr. Horrible:

Whew! This blog is dusty.

Last week was mad-busy with job interviews, getting college stuff in order for Z, annoying paperwork & metaphorically putting myself back together after a rough patch. Ish. I saw many actual human beings for purely social reasons & this was good. Last weekend I had lunch with some friends from elementary school & they made me laugh so hard my face hurt. We looked at old pictures & tried to remember all the names of the kids in our first grade class. We talked about Aqua Net hairspray & fe-mullets & tails. The waitress asked us if we were sisters & I thought this was funny.

Yesterday was my profoundly belated birthday lunch with my sister & mother (we tend to run about 2-3 months behind schedule). My sister always tells hilarious stories about barista life. They usually end with her needing to discard her shoes. There was also sangria & key lime pie. I like key lime pie.

My five year old niece drew a picture of me last week with curly hair & a smile, she says, because "Aunt Sue is always smiling." This makes me feel happy. The last picture she drew for me looks like a mandala. It's hanging on my fridge. We are kindred spirits.

M & I had dinner with some of the racing crowd last night. I have eaten too many restaurant meals this week, but it was fun. Z says he misses my cooking!

Kristina sent me some knockout submissions for the Freud issue this weekend. There's still time to submit! The deadline is April 30th.

I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire & A Useless Window. I am feeling better.


Kathleen said...

Yay! Happy you are happy! And happy-unto-drooling about the key lime pie!

Kathleen said...

And I would just like to add that I am chilling a white wine called Cupcake in advance of my book group meeting on Wednesday night! We plan to "vanquish the world"!

Susan said...

Yay! Me too. It must be the key lime pie :)

I would *so* buy a wine called Cupcake. I am easily swayed by cool names & pretty labels!