Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday Randomness

This morning I slept & slept while listening to the house creak & lean in the heavy wind.  My bed might be one of my favorite places the dark quiet room the pillows & big down comforter it is so freaking peaceful. I think I return to REAL LIFE next week (and probably a buttload of paperwork) barring any new & hellish medical crisis so I am getting ALL THE SLEEP. 

I think I might actually need one of those old lady pill boxes. I am going to bedazzle it with stickers & colorful rhinestones.

My leg is very angry today which might be a reaction to PT yesterday or med changes or my adventures dreamwalking in the underworld.

Reading: The Magicians

Cooking: maybe some giant muffins the size of my head maybe double chocolate which actually makes them cupcakes if you want to get fussy about it.  I wish I had a lemon meringue pie but this would be far too labor intensive.  Maybe soup if I feel ambitious but I do not feel particularly ambitious and of course my leg is very fucking angry today indeed. 

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Kathleen said...

I still want to pretend that they are chocolate muffins, OK?