Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Today I wear a little black box to decrypt the secrets of the rock-hard charcoal briquette that is my tiny, evil heart or perhaps there are no secrets to be revealed except that it beats at the same rate as a hummingbird for no reason whatsoever. I am the queen of hearts, a mysterious arrhythmia. 

Today is earth day-birthday and my kid is twenty five and I will make a pan of gingerbread for his birthday cake as this is the request made EVERY YEAR since forever.  I have made fresh ginger cakes and gingerbread with stout and chocolate gingerbread but today is simply Joy of Cooking plain, dark, spicy gingerbread.  I have a whole stick of butter softening on the counter right now.  The only question is do I garnish with orange peel as recommended in the OLD Joy (the one with instructions on how to skin a muskrat and a recipe for Tomato Soup Cake--so retro!) or with candied ginger as recommended in the NEW Joy (which is a completely different animal, as cookbooks go). 

Today I broke the protective box for my cellular phone. A bad omen? Or good luck as my phone itself is unscathed?

Today I woke up achy and STIFF AS HELL.

Today I will sneak up to my Secret Rapunzel Tower Room and write a poem about something random.

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