Saturday, April 18, 2015


Having a restful Saturday & trying not to be totally weird but I am still off & have the shakes & superfast superfast heartbeart that feels like DOOM.  I keep waking up every morning though so it cannot be as bad as it seems. 

Sometimes I sit very still with an icepack on my neck & try not to explode into some kind of cellular ooze or whatever.

My son grocery shopped for me & brought me a lovely pineapple which I cannot wait to cut up & eat probably in one sitting & I also have strawberries & more bananas so I might make more banana themed baked goods this week in the name of comfort & joy & easily digestible foodstuffs.

I am being fitted with a cardiac holter next week, which isn't nearly as sexy as it sounds.

Tarot readings continue to suggest a period of respite & a need for balance.  Four of Swords, Temperance, Two of Pentacles... Still I want to believe I can will myself back into semi-normal health and be able to function like I used to, but really, nope.  I am tired of needing so much rest. 

In the interim I am wearing my sunscreen & taking my numerous, numerous & ever-changing regimen of pills (the pharmacy staff totally KNOWS ME now)  & doing my PT exercises for my jacked up leg & this is all I can do so at least I am working on this business.


Kathleen said...

I am glad you have pineapple and family comforts as you heal and deal.

Susan said...

Heal & deal, yes. I like that!