Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Making my way though a monster list of phone calls today and OH how I hate that soul-killing device the telephone but it is very satisfying to make an X next to a number on the list and whittle it down.  I am also filing a butt-ton of personal paperwork today and generally getting my home office space in order.

Still feeling a bit off and on respite from the real world.  Slightly less anxious about it than I've been though.  I am thinking that I need to make granola or banana bread or both today because it makes the world seem a little nicer when things are baking and it smells of honey or almonds or bananas or chocolate or whatever and I am all for making things seem lovelier in some small small small way. 

Reading: The Devil's Detective

Watching: Happy Valley

Still sweating like a lumberjack even when I am not doing anything so maybe that's some weird hormonal perimenopausal thing or maybe I will spontaneously burst into flames.


Kathleen said...

I hope you don't burst into flames, but if you do, save the banana bread!

Susan said...

Both the banana bread and the jars of honey-almond granola are safe!! I wore an ice pack on my neck while baking. I am certain this didn't make me look crazy AT ALL.