Tuesday, August 7, 2007

mild improvements :)

In general, I am bouncing back from feeling kind of blech...

Email problems resolved, for one!

Tentative good news about some long-standing health issues.

A pretty good weekend ahead, too:
a.) workshopping with Melissa on Friday, which is always fun+helpful
b.) date night with hubby on Saturday, which will not involve sweating my a$$ off in 90 degree heat at the race track
c.) Sunday, I plan to do absolutely nothing! maybe chill and watch some movies...or do some more writing if I am feeling especially productive...

Due to certain pressing family stuff, I am considering taking a slightly longer leave from the academic world than previously planned for...but I am hoping to use the time productively before pursuing my MA! This may not necessarily be such a bummer after all. (Perhaps. Maybe. I could sure use the rest, anyway.)

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