Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random shite or brilliant observations? You decide.

Why can't I get this really bad pop song out of my head? Here's how it works: troubling lyrics invade my brain, simultaneously horrifying and fascinating me. They are utterly phallocentric and beg to be deconstructed.

"So hot, we'll melt your popsicle..."

REALLY Katy Perry? That's not even subtle.


Scary workplace vending machine item of the week: "Microwavable Nacho Dog (with Jalepenos!)"

I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried.


Online social networks are insidious. I contemplate self-erasure daily. The Kid tells me this is not possible. I will always exist as a cluster of data. The fact that I ate a delicious bagel in 2008 will be stored on a server somewhere forever & ever.


SarahJane said...

just to make you feel worse I just be-friended you on Faceboot. Or I sent the request. If you commit FB suicide, please let me know because maybe we could make a pact...

Susan said...

Actually, this makes me feel better.

Oh, Facebot! It's like a hideous wreck and I cannot tear my eyes away. Like a bad pop song, it both fascinates & horrifies me. I keep in touch with all kinds of wonderful people on there, yet there's a handful who need to stop telling me all about their bowel movements & such.

Nevertheless, I am happy to be your FB friend :)