Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dissociation, displacement

I feel as though I have multiple selves & each one is slightly different from the other...One is quiet & one is more outgoing & one is downright reclusive & they are all rather clumsy & foolish because this cannot be remedied.

I have been people watching. As a result, I have seen too many people. People with handlebar mustaches & overalls & strange hats & those awful plastic croc shoes. Those shoes are a terror. Almost as terrifying as a real crocodile. A pink one with a bulbous head most likely.

Dear people of earth,
Discard those shoes. Immediately.

I need one of those staycations where I stay home and do nothing in particular except watch all the weird movies I want & read mystery novels & science fiction novels & poetry collections & make elaborate cakes & pots of gnocchi & homemade bread & all things carb-o-riffic. I don't want to drive anyone around or ask people happy questions or wear appropriate shoes. I don't want to wear makeup or shave my legs or answer the phone. I wish this were possible.

I feel like a misfit today. Mercury is in retrograde. Things will straighten out eventually, I imagine.

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Kathleen said...

Oh, a staycation sounds good. So does the gnocchi!