Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're Live!

fall 2008


Rachel Mallino said...

Susan, it looks awesome - you did a great job. I've only read Nicole's chap so far, but will be off this week to read the rest.

Susan said...

Thanks Rachel!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the issue! All three collections are so lovely.

janelle elyse kihlstrom said...

Thanks so much for the amazing work you did with this issue. I'm excited to be featured alongside two such fabulous poets... I've really enjoyed reading them, and love how the three chaps work together as a whole.
Also, Susan, congrats on your own new chap, which looks gorgeous!

Susan said...

Many thanks for your beautiful work, Janelle.

I'm thrilled with how the digital chapbook issue turned out!

Thanks for the congrats on my new chapbook! I'm super-excited, and can't wait for that box 'o chaps to arrive in the mail :)


Anonymous said...

thank you again, darling susan, mother of moirae, apostle of apocrypha! the chaps look slendid & know you've my eternal gratitude for your & melissa's including me with janelle & kristin. can't wait to get your chappies--yes, 2009's, too! congrats & all thanks again!
luv, nicole

Susan said...

Thank YOU, Nicole! Your work is fabulous!!