Wednesday, November 26, 2008

today, today, today...

Today is my annual pre-Thanksgiving baking extravaganza! So, naturally, it's all about the apple pie.

And the pumpkin bread.

If time allows, I hope to wrap up the fall issue this weekend! Tentatively, we should go live on Sunday, November 30th. (Unless we have a technological crisis--let's hope not!)

**Stay Tuned**


Margaret Bashaar said...

I am quite excited to see the new issue! I hope it goes up on the 30th. ::crosses fingers::

Also, hoo-rah for holiday sweets! I need to bake me some russian tea cakes.

Susan said...

Thanks Margaret!

Hope you enjoy the issue.

BTW, those Russian tea cakes sound awesome! My sister and I used to make them every xmas when we were kids...I haven't made them in years...