Tuesday, April 29, 2008

cool happenings & what I've been reading/watching/doing...

It's been a pretty good week, so far.

a. ECTOPLASMIC NECROPOLIS is now available from the very fab Blood Pudding Press! You'll find it here.

b. Lots of good stuff coming in for blossombones! The final lineup will be posted soon, once we're done reading submissions...

c. I got to spend a lovely, quiet Saturday afternoon watching Once...which was really terrific! (Thanks, Melly!)

d. I just finished Raymond Chandler's The Long Goodbye...Loved it. My favorite line: "I belonged...like a cocktail onion on a banana split."

Seriously. I just wanted to underline all the cool, stylish prose. I love that noir-ish stuff!

e. I am back on the yoga/pilates wagon, so to speak. Although I'm putting together an early morning workout on my own (sans pricey classes). I've got student loans to pay, yo.

I find it weird that the guy on my yoga DVD says things like: "Let the inner corners of your eyes relax backwards."

Say what?!?!

f. May is just around the corner! I suspect warm days ahead :)

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