Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I couldn't let the day pass by without this:

Happy 18th, Z.


I wanted to do something extra-embarrassing, like post a baby picture, too. Alas, my scanner is acting wonky. I suspect sabotage.


Speaking of parenting stuff (sort-of) this freaks me out!

Does anyone else find the messages in this "children's book" a bit disturbing? And the barbie-doll mom? Good Goddess!

The messages about the mommy being "prettier" after plastic surgery (in terms of specific body parts, no less--like her nose or belly button) are extra-creepy. Plastic surgery is a billion dollar industry folks...and it looks as if this particular book is intended to plant the seeds of insecurity and want in the heads of young girls. Apparently, women are supposed to be beautiful. Being a mommy makes you less so, and thus your body is in need of repair. A thinner tummy, a better nose, bigger breasts...you get the idea.

It also suggests that "prettiness" is a prerequisite to happiness.

So-called "prettiness" is clearly defined as a certain--and very specific--type of body and face. A thinly veiled attempt at marketing this sh*t to younger and younger customers? I think so.

This book ranks right up there in the world of evil marketing next to Joe the Camel cigarette ads.


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