Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I am feeling rather productive today...

Birthday cake for Z. is on order, as are various surprises. He will be *18* next week. Where does the time go?!?

Floors are clean, laundry is rolling about in the machine. Harley is all scheduled for a trip to the groomer. Restaurant reservations? Done. Eye doctor appointment? Done. Paperwork for sub certificate? On hold till July/August. Probably.

Taxes are done, too. (As well they should be...Today is tax day, after all. Of course, that's mostly Mike. I don't like doing taxes. Ugh.)


Very little writing going on, though. I feel kind of unfocused after a mad ten straight days of writing. I've got web site stuff to do, too. Ack.


I do have a new poem online at the very sexy electronic zine, Yellow Mama. You'll find it here.

Also, check out the wickedly clever zine Grievous Jones. Writing the Id? Art for art's sake? Hell, yes.

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bc said...

Now THAT was a steamy poem. :-D