Saturday, July 21, 2007

what I'm lovin' right now.....

1. Simone Muench's new chapbook, Orange Girl
(I got a copy of this yesterday--Thanks Melissa! And thanks to Simone for signing it, too!--and just love it...what a beautiful collection of poems. Available from dancing girl press.)

2. Steaz organic green tea soda
(Yeah, it's probably still really bad for you, what with all the carbonation and sugar, but I figure it's marginally better than a Diet Coke, health-wise. Tasty, too.)

3. Ginger Snaps
(Had my Friday night DVD mini-marathon of terror yesterday, and have a new favorite horror movie. Quirky. Brilliant. Loved it!)

4. Having the time to write.
(Yeah, I'm missing school, a little--it'll be more profound once Fall arrives, I'm sure. But I'm grateful to have made some more room in my life for creativity.)

5. deviantART
(What an amazing site! I love seeing how artists/creative people are utilizing online spaces. Highly recommended for all art lovers. )

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