Thursday, July 12, 2007

duty v. delight

What I should be doing today:

1. Making the zillion boring phone calls on my to-do list, which includes such exciting things as making an appointment with the optometrist and sitting on hold with my insurance company.

2. Writing and editing. (Some of my stuff needs serious revision!)

3. Peppering the surrounding area with my resume.

4. Washing that ever-growing stack of dishes; I think it may tip over soon.

5. Yanking out those obnoxious weeds that invade the patio every couple of days.

6. Tackling the mess in the extra room--aka "the room of shame."

7. Bringing a sample of dog poop to the vet. (I keep putting this one off, for some unfathomable reason.....)

8. Studying for the GRE.

What I'd like to be doing today:

1. Taking a nap.

2. Curling up in a chaise lounge with a stack of unread novels.

3. Making chocolate cupcakes.

4. Buying some cool new books of poetry online. (Local bookstores have the sparsest poetry section. Why is that???)

5. Opening my own independent bookstore/tea house/new age shop.

6. Sitting on the porch sipping sangria.

7. Blogging instead of working.

What I'll probably do today:

1. Update the blossombones website and blog. (See. Blogging is working, in my own private little world.)

2. Write and edit some stuff that's sitting in a pile on my desk.

3. Avoid making phone calls.

4. Avoid collecting a sample of dog poop.

5. Go to yoga class. Try not to fall on my a$$.

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