Wednesday, July 11, 2007

random musings on yoga and other things

Busy, busy today.

Went to yoga early this morning...and I'm still struggling with with strength/balance/stamina issues. Why is it I feel like calling an ambulance about 45 minutes into my practice??

I should open my own studio. I'd call it klutz yoga. We could all wobble and tip over together. I think it would be fabulous!

Seriously, it's got to get easier sometime.....

Ran numerous errands, but still found time to write a bit of poetry today--which is an improvement, because creativity has been elusive this week. Ack.

Dinner out with my fave cousins tonight, too. Ended the day with a nice pitcher of white sangria. Much needed.

Tomorrow, I will have to buckle down and do some blossombones stuff! I'll be updating the web page and the blog this week. Also much needed.

After that, I'll be back at the yoga studio, trying very hard not to collapse into a heap on the floor before savasana! (They don't call it the corpse pose for nothing.)

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