Monday, October 17, 2016

Random Things

Trying to get a few new poems or hybrid pieces written, but I have been a SLOW WRITER these days.  Too much going on and my mind is everywhere: thinking about the cruelties of time and old age and poor health and about getting my messy-ass house in order and what to cook that I can eat without GI symptoms and getting to all the doctor's appointments and going to work and still having fun and getting enough sleep and maybe baking some bread.

I have been looking over old blog entries and I realized that I am doing so much better than I was it's just that it happened so slowly... I am walking better and keeping food down and breathing okay so I am pretty good, yes?  Each day is different and unpredictable as yesterday I felt like I could hardly stand up and needed to lay down for a couple of hours after my shower because I was so exhausted and I didn't have the energy to dry my hair or do anything but today I feel okay.  So weird.

This week I made some pumpkin muffins topped with coarse sugar (autumnal!) and I made a big pan of stuffed pasta shells for my guys because they both work lots of nights and come home hungry and those reheat beautifully and now I would like to bake some cookies and make a fresh pot of soup.

I can (happily!) eat a muffin with no issues.  Yay, muffins!

I have even managed to cut back on the reflux meds which are correlated with all kinds of health problems like heart disease and kidney disease and dementia which is terrifying.

I am watching season 5 of Person of Interest and this show is so brilliant why doesn't anybody I know watch this one??!?

I have this dream life where I live in an isolated farm house and I keep chickens and I don't have to work retail and life is super peaceful and I read lots of books.  In this dream life I write books and of course I could write books in my real life but one still has to have a regular job because writing books  doesn't really pay all your bills but OH what a lovely idea.

Everyone at work is sick and at least two of my bosses have walking pnuemonia and I am thinking about finally buying a filter mask and wearing it to work even if it makes me look batshit insane because seriously, guys?!?

Nobody stays home when they are sick instead they choose to be patient zero and infect us all and bring on the zombie apocalypse.  

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