Thursday, October 13, 2016

messes and whatnot

Fourth Benlysta treatment completed on Tuesday! So, I had a very sweet young nurse do my IV and it was a bloody mess.  Blood was pouring out onto the tray and filling up the the IV and making a mess under the see-through bandage so she covered it with opaque band-aids and we both pretended it wasn't horrible.

She kept wiping it up saying: "Don't look.  Don't look!"  It's funnier now that it's over.

Good times.

I ordered another dress with monsters on it because I have no self-control.

This week's soup was Sweet Potato Bisque with Ginger!  I make a mean soup.

This week's insomnia binge-watch: Season 2 of iZombie.

Going to try and taper off Prednisone again. I am hoping it goes MUCH BETTER now that I have been on Benlysta for a couple of months.  So, so ready to be rid of my puffy face, etc.

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