Thursday, October 6, 2016

Flare days and life, such as it is

After a couple of weeks of feeling pretty good, this last week has been kind of rough.  Lots of joint pain and GI symptoms.  Feeling exhausted and short of breath again today.  Alas!  I was beginning to hope this would be a thing of the past, but that was unrealistic.

I pushed through today.  Made it to work and made it through the day but it was such a relief to get home and rest!  I wanted to do some writing, but I don't think I'm feeling it.

I have my fourth Benlysta infusion next week. Maybe this will get me back on track?

We're moving my parents to a closer facility and I am hopeful that I will be better able to keep an eye on things.  It's stressful though.  Perhaps the combination of that and the bad weather are kicking my ass this week.

Spent last weekend in Wisconsin with my guys, which was lovely.  I did have a tough time with not feeling well but I still enjoyed myself and it's always good to be with my family, even if I can't quite keep up.  I found a little tea shop on a rainy day and bought some loose leaf tea and a new infuser mug in bright red which makes me super-happy!

Reading: Just finished Joe Hill's The Fireman because I love a good plague/apocalypse.

Watching: Season 5 of Person of Interest, American Horror Story Season 6: Roanoke.  I also checked out the pilot episode of Westworld on HBO.

Cooking: Not so much.  Meh. I was on a bread baking kick earlier though.  I made a pretty nice vegan sandwich bread with oatmeal and brown sugar.   And baguettes! I might get back to my happy baking once I'm feeling a bit more energetic.

Dreaming: I dreamt I was at a poetry reading and a fight broke out between a gorilla and a chimpanzee.  That is all.

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