Saturday, June 18, 2016

Block, writerly and otherwise.

I don't know if anyone else has had such a long hiatus from writing regularly as I have, but it is so much harder to be creative once you are out of the habit.  I have enough time to make this a part of the daily ritual, but sometimes the energy is just lacking.  I am trying to read more for inspiration, and watch less television (which is, admittedly, my downfall).

I did write a small piece today, although I am not crazy about it.  Now to let it rest for a day or two and go back to revise.

The house is quiet today. Everyone is out doing their thing and I was feeling the usual trifecta of pain, nausea and fatigue this morning so I took a pass on being out and about.  Ninety degree weather doesn't help much, and a day in the sun is really just asking for a flare up.  My leg is already stiffening up because we are tapering off prednisone again.  It's like flipping a damn switch.  I've already lost significant range of motion.  It's a bummer.

Reading: City of Dark Magic and The Sisters Brothers

Yes, I often read more than one book at the same time.

Watching: I just finished Slasher on Netflix.

Otherwise, life remains as ordinary as ever.

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