Monday, April 4, 2016

Random Update

This is an I-don't want-to kind of week so I am making a list of things that make me happy:

hot baths, crime dramas, pajamas, warm days with the windows open, ballet slippers, swirly dresses, hot tea with honey and lemon, mystery novels, clean laundry, the scent of lavender, hot soup in a delicate teacup, clean floors, soft fuzzy blankets, lamplight, tiny houses, movie nights, red lipstick, tarot cards, blue-painted rooms, strawberry milkshakes, naps, road trips, winter coats with fur collars, snow days, thunderstorms, herb gardens, vintage cars, lhasa apso puppies, celebrity internet memes, hyacinths, white roses, science fiction & fantasy, novelty socks, candied ginger, antique jewelry, the scent of popcorn, jeans that fit, flannel shirts, framed photographs, stained glass, arched doorways, train rides, days off, vanilla cupcakes.

Reading: The Forgotten Girls

Watching: (looking for the next binge worthy obsession)

Cooking: I made risotto last night! It was basically an easy version baked in a covered dish in the oven instead of standing and stirring but it turned out great! Cooking is a huge struggle these days due to both my inability to digest much and my ongoing chronic pain and fatigue, so when I make something everybody in the house is so incredibly happy.  I like making people happy.

Other Stuff: Impromptu trip to the Rheumatologist last week due to increased difficulty walking and bearing weight on my right leg.  Had my knee drained for the umpteenth time and got a lidocaine shot.  Felt like hell when it wore off.  Back on crazy pills aka prednisone so UGH. Hoping it helps while dreading the return of my super gross puffy steroid face.  Still struggling to get adequate nutrition due to gastroparesis--having lost another 8 pounds or so in the last three weeks.  Force fed myself a smoothie this morning and now I feel overfull and bloated and barfy.

Writing: I have a few things I am working on but it is slow going when I am not feeling well, which is pretty much all the time now.  Planning on doing a bit of writing today.

Working: even part-time still wipes me the fuck out. Can't figure out how I was managing all those hours last year in this jacked-up meatsuit.

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