Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups part XII

Once upon a time in the darkling forest there was a lonely witch who was quite given to dressing in pastel colors and had lavender hair.  She grew lively talking Crocuses and Narcissi although they often shunned her because she was not beautiful.  Instead, she grew a prickly cactus in a terra cotta pot on the kitchen windowsill but the cactus flowered and thought herself too beautiful to associate with the witch, so the witch gave up gardening altogether and conjured something dark and unpleasant in hopes it would keep her company.  The spirit often hid among the bookshelves and erased spells from her grimoire.  It was not unlike having a cat, for it hid and caused mischief and only wanted to be fed, preferably with wrens from the garden or the occasional field mouse.  She left out cartons of cream for it but they curdled and turned foul.  Finally, the witch gave up and joined social media, posting pictures of her coarse grainy homemade breads on Instagram and using the hashtag #witchlyfe.

The End.

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