Thursday, January 8, 2015


Last night I dreamt I ran a feminist book club and it had a really cool name that I've already forgotten although I know it began with an M. 

Throat is much less tight and sore and choke-y so while my lungs still feel like they're full of nacho cheese this is a huge improvement.  I tried M's super powerful cough syrup but it was the texture of actual mucous and made me gag so, NOPE. Felt much less exhausted last night and Z took down the tree while I wrapped ornaments and drank some wine and this was good although the family room looks suddenly naked like it always does after that first week of January when the lights and greenery come down. 

I am very very bad a coping with uncertainty for example work issues and health issues and the intersection of these two things and wish I could just sort of fix everything myself and move on to REGULAR LIFE but I tried that already and it was a mess so ugh and whatever. 

I just realized I used to write in short clipped sentences but now I am more comfortable freewriting these long-ass run on sentences so as not to disrupt the flow of thought.  After I ramble here I have been writing poems in the same fashion so this gets me in WRITING mode.  The goal is to have a number of submittable pieces in a couple of months.  I sent out very little in 2014 and 2015 will be the year of poems and stories and other good things. 

Today there should be cake. 

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