Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elliptical Orbits and other Esoterica

According to my horoscope today is supposed to be pretty stellar but so far I am unimpressed.  I am supposed to be back in the REAL WORLD of work next week and I am hoping this goes as well as can be expected and therefore we have changed some medication to smack down all the horrible shit my body tries to do to itself.  YEP.  I wrote a poem yesterday and the day before that but they are very random pieces and wouldn't work with my manuscript but that's okay.

Watching: I am getting caught up with American Horror Story Freak Show although so far this is the weakest season and I am a little bored.  Meh.

Reading: Still on The Land of Love and Drowning which is so far just okay.  I am a little disappointed with this one too but there's still time for it to get my attention.  Maybe.

(obviously I don't like anything this week and I am hard to please.)

Cooking: I made some pretty excellent fried tacos with homemade salsa and chicken soup with leeks and yesterday I fried up some breaded pork chops in a cast iron skillet because I am OLD SCHOOL like that sometimes.  The fridge is full of good leftovers this week.  I have not baked at all but I am thinking about chocolate chip cookies with coconut or almond shortbread if I am not too tired this weekend but that's probably just the effing prednisone talking. HA!

Sometimes I want to avoid all of the paperwork and phone calls that dominate my home life these days and I put shit off so I make little bargains with myself like I will make one phone call and organize one file and pick one bill to pay and then I can eat lunch or read or whatever (basically I treat myself like a two year old).  It totally works though.   


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