Sunday, January 11, 2015

If I had any dreams last night I don't remember them.  The check engine light is still on so the car must see the car doctor and I must see the people doctor tomorrow despite my doctor-o-phobia.  I have contemplated every possible health catastrophe at this point so I am TOTALLY PREPARED THOUGH. 

I am going to make so much soup this week now that I have wonderful things like leeks and parsnips and those little fine soup noodles and even some fresh herbs which are a total splurge in January. 

Both the five of pentacles and the five of wands have made multiple appearances in recent tarot readings.  I am also seeing the eight of swords.  This is a time of relative instability where things have been thrown out of balance and options seem limited.  Perhaps this will evolve in the coming weeks. 



Kathleen said...

Best wishes re: car doctor and people doctor and soup. To write in my dream journal this morning, I had to recall the snippets still at (numb) hand after shoveling more snow!

Susan said...

My dreams are slippery these days but my soup was lovely and made everybody happy like soup does AND I ordered my soup spoons which are not here yet but soup waits for NO ONE.