Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh yeah, *PoEtRy*

Two new poems in the February issue of PANK.

The Chicago Poetry Brothel is ON. March 5 at the House of Blues:

I wrote a couple of new pieces yesterday. I also spent some time watching Picard eat a sandwich and talk about being stabbed through the heart on youtube.

I want to send some things HERE.

This poetry thing can actually be fun, you know.


I cut my hair short and nobody likes it except me. Ha. I need more time so I can bake fresh ginger pound cakes and tiny semolina shortbread cookies with sea salt and maybe an apple pie. This is a lame thing to say but damn I am tired. My feet feel like someone's been pounding spikes into my heels. I should probably buy some proper shoes, not cheapo ones from the discount store (but not walmart as I ABHOR walmart and have not set foot in one for fifteen years, Kay?) as the gel inserts aren't a substitute for good shoes although I had hopes that they would be...

I have my eye on a new corset. With buckles! Very steampunk.

Alas. I will probably buy some practical shoes instead.

Watching: Pushing Daisies
How did I ever miss this? It's freaking fabulous. It's like a dark fairy tale (aren't they all?) with pie.

Reading: Wikipedia entries about weird crap

Feeling: Totally Lame and disconnected from my former Coolness and such


Kathleen said...

You are scary cool!

Margaret Bashaar said...

Susan! Nothing would make me happier than to see some of your amazing poetry in my Make it So inbox. For reals.

Also, really wishing Pittsburgh was closer to Chicago and I could go to the Chicago Poetry Brothel. Your events always look so amazing.

Susan said...

Kathleen, I think you got the scary part right! Still working on the coolness.

Margaret: I hope to someday see the Typewriter Girls live & in person because it looks so freaking fabulous. I too, wish we lived in neighboring cities.

And I just sent you some Star Trek TNG poems. For reals.