Monday, February 14, 2011

Notes from my collapsing ventricles:

My new sleep patterns leave me feeling strange and disconnected from my dreams.

We do not typically celebrate Valentine's day at my house. Still, I would love a chocolate cake right about now.

I am drinking coffee and contemplating art for bb which should almost be called the SPRING issue, as the weather is downright balmy and I am perpetually behind schedule.

There is a pot of chili on the stove and there will be warm cornbread with honey and this makes me happy.

I have not worked on my manuscript for two weeks. I need to get back to it, but tend to spend my days off cleaning and resting and whatnot. I cannot afford a writer's retreat but perhaps I can create my own in a tiny room filled with books and silence where I can play with the chimeras in my head. Anything is possible.

Watching: Absolutely Nothing

Reading: Your Mind

Feeling: Like an Empty Aerosol Can

Eating: Lots of Cara Cara Oranges, which I don't want to share with anyone, plain bagels with cream cheese.

Scary Vending Machine Item of the Week: Hard-Boiled Eggs


Kathleen said...

1) I just swallowed a gnat.

2) My brother called to say one of my poems gave him nightmares. (He other other sweet things, too.)

3) Speaking of vending machines, did you see this?:,19115/

Susan said...


1.) Gnats are an excellent source of protein.

2.) That's just awesomely awesome.

3.) I freaking LOVE the Onion. Love it.