Monday, July 26, 2010

Where am I going? Where have I been?

I have been living within the quiet spaces, away from the interwebs whenever possible. I am trying to find a proper balance between reality and electronic reality but this continues to elude me. My brain feels swollen inside my head but this is probably just the humidity.

I think I have abandoned twitter once and for all. It's too frenetic.

And now, notes from the dreamspace:

Last night I dreamt that I was under the spell of an evil dog. It had a gigantic head and seemed very sweet at first, cuddling in my lap and following me around. It asked me: "do I have your loyalty and your protection?" and I said "yes."

The dog controlled my movements, as if I were a puppet. If I tried to break free of his canine spell, he squeezed my heart with his telekinetic powers until I thought my ribcage would burst and the contents of my thorax spill out upon the floor.

Beware of dogs who speak in human voices.


I am cooking as much as possible, trying to get some good, homemade food in the fridge for the week ahead. I dislike relying on takeout for survival. I have homemade tomato & basil soup, a big jar of sun tea, a vanilla pound cake, & deviled eggs. (I have never eaten a deviled egg, so this is a first.) I'm thinking I might need a rice salad or quinoa. I'm hoping to bake some bread this week, too. For some reason this makes me feel more human. I like the simplicity of chopping, stirring, mixing, tasting. I like feeling wholly involved in the present moment. It's a sensory thing, I think.

Appropos of nothing, I just saw a news headline that read "Cannibal Squid Get Rough" and I think this would make an excellent title for a poem.

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