Friday, July 23, 2010

inspired meme-age

((I like this. Sarah and Kathleen inspired me.))

Is half a stone still a whole stone?

A quarter of a stone is as delicious as a whole stone. On the molecular level, they are identical.

Do grains of sand get tired of being recycled into mountains?
Do mountains get tired of being broken down into grains of sand? Is it impolite to answer a question with a question? If the grains of sand between my patio stones grow into mountains, I will climb them and live upon the peaks and become a guru. Go ahead, ask me a question.

If you crossed a bat with a mushroom, would you get an umbrella?
No, you would get a brown, earthy stew. I wouldn't recommend eating it.

Do the glasses one wears in a dream require a prescription?
Yes, but one can morph into an eye doctor or a wizard in order to obtain the perfect pair of spectacles.

What songs do they sing in a school without windows?
In schools without windows we hum the songs of bees. Sometimes we are a school of fish and our songs cannot be heard by human ears. Our mouths create songs that look like this:

Do the daisies love us or not?
The daisies only love us when we push them from the earth with our corpses.

Is there any reason to believe that we’ll have working mouthparts in the next life?
If we can evolve into higher beings, working mouthparts will be unnecessary. We will communicate through scent and make our own food by processing moonlight.

What kind of cartilage connects us to the stars?
We are connected to the stars by filaments of invisible flesh. We are made of stardust, but our stars have forgotten us. Sometimes the strands of cartilage vibrate and the stars ask "What was that? A mosquito?"


SarahJane said...

love your answers. i will now look out my back window to see if anything's up in my patio... i hope!

Susan said...

I would like to wake up and find a mountain in my backyard. Maybe someday...