Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Would a temple wear a thong?"

Once upon a time, the author of this blog went to Catholic School. She wore a blue plaid jumper & white blouses with Peter Pan collars & knee socks & saddle shoes. There were nuns clad in black wool & naughty children got the paddle. She shits you not.

Once she got stung on the top of her head by a bee & wanted to go to the school nurse but one of the sisters told her to suck it up. She asked why women weren't allowed to be priests & was told that men would come to church to ogle & leer at them. She asked why the girls had to wear heavy polyester vests over their blouses while the boys got to wear comfy polo shirts & was told it was to keep the boys from looking at the girls' chests.

The girls asked the pastor why they couldn't have a basketball team & they were told because it isn't ladylike.

She had a real problem with all of this.

She used to pray for the poor souls in purgatory, hoping someday, someone would return the favor.


Okay, that's enough third-person narrative.

The point of all this?

a.) I am feeling nostalgic.

b.) I am feeling guilty.

c.) While I have not been a practicing Catholic for some years now, I am still fascinated by Catholicism: the cosmology, the saints, the art & literature that examines Catholic culture.

d.) I am reading Angelology because someone gave it to me for my birthday.

Angelology is okay, but rather Dan Brown-ish in terms of style. I like the concept, but (like most thrillers) character development is sorely lacking.

Instead I recommend the following:

The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett

Holy Fools by Joanne Harris

I feel like re-reading Paradise Lost. And The Divine Comedy. This should keep me busy for about an aeon, considering how slowly I work my way through a text these days.



Kathleen said...

I think the Catholic Church has changed...and is still changing...

When you feel guilty, just make cupcakes!

Susan said...

Yes, I agree. In some ways, the CC has changed. Still, it's a highly patriarchal organization that fails to consider the contributions of women & this bothers me spiritually, theologically & emotionally. There are so many amazing women who really ought to have the opportunity for leadership roles, but I don't think it's *ever* going to happen. That said, there is a convent nearby where the nuns hold health fairs & spiritual retreats & I think they are the most progressive, badass Catholic nuns ever.