Monday, May 3, 2010

Blog Post In Which a Random Stranger Admires My Hair

I have been plagued with nightmares about distressing emails. I should deal with my email soon, or I will be buried in messages. I worked three eight-hour shifts this weekend, but still made it out to the race track last night in time to see M win first place. We had our picture taken in the winner's circle & it was neat-o. M is very happy. I think he has forgiven me for backing into the lawnmower.

I am off today & tomorrow & my plans include such glorious things as cleaning out my fridge & cooking REAL FOOD. I am tired of sandwiches. I might bake something groovy, like spice cookies or banana cupcakes with chocolate ganache. There might be gumbo. There might be homemade baguettes. The possibilities are intriguing.

CYBORGIA will be out in about a month! I'm so freaking stoked. I cannot wait to hold it in my hand.

Yesterday a gentleman at the return desk told me my curls are awesome. This humidity gives me a head full of mad spirals. Ha.


Kathleen said...

Your curls ARE awesome! So are your poems!

Susan said...

Thank you!!