Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Bloggity Bit of 2010

I'm sludging through the post-holiday funk that inevitably follows the holiday blues. It's probably just the chill and the grayness and the sleeping too late that make me feel so sluggish. January should be busy with editorial stuff & (hopefully!) a few other projects as well.

I'm planning to dedicate as much of this week as possible to working on the winter issue of blossombones--Molly Gaudry's digital chapbook Anatomy for the Artist. Wonderful stuff! Can't wait to go online, which should be in a few short weeks :) Also, we've got an exciting new call for submissions for summer, which I'm going to post shortly.

Hint, hint: think eros & thanatos, psychoanalytic theory, towers & cigars (heeheehee).

We're super excited to have Kristina Marie Darling guest editing for summer! Details are forthcoming...

Well, I must finish deconstructing Christmas today. I dislike this part, but tend to feel relieved once everything is packed away for the year and the all the furniture is back in its rightful place. Maybe I'll manage a pot of soup today too. It's a good day to make soup. Here's hoping 2010 is happy, productive and busy!

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Molly Gaudry said...

We're making a hearty stew here in these parts today. And taking down the decorations. Things always look bare, after. Happy new year, though. Hooray!