Monday, January 11, 2010

Dreams & Pestilence

Last night I dreamt I was breeding deadly spiders in my basement. They began as small, round dots of black paste that I dispensed from a tube. Later they developed sticky white cocoons around them. I kept moving the box of spidery critters from once place to another, trying to keep them from escaping once they emerged from their cocoons, as they were (apparently) quite poisonous. I realize this is not entomologically correct.

So anyway, I looked up "spider" in my dream dictionary:

"The image of an artistic or aesthetic person. One's own dark side. Intrigues are planned."

Also: my DD didn't include an entry for "cocoon" (too obvious?) although it does describe the meaning of "cocoa." Say what?

Neverthless, it's clearly symbolic of transformation, although this dream had more of a sinister, Alien-like quality, as opposed to the ususal sparkly butterfly wing sort of business.

I suppose my inner artist is due for some kind of dark transformation. I haven't been actively writing, what with the holiday season and various pressing tasks on my to do list. Really, it's been weeks and weeks, which leaves me feeling vaguely bummed out. My subconscious is now poking me in my sleep with creepy reminders to get back to it, I imagine.

Also: does anyone else try to write mulitple blogs? Is it better to just jam all this random stuff into one online space? I'm so fond of organzation and like to compartmentalize my stuff, but really, I think I'm about to be swamped over the next few months (if I'm lucky), and I want to simplify....

I'd like to do more with the blossombones blog, like chapbook reviews, and listing new publications by previous and current contributors. I wonder if this is realistic...

As for my food blog, maybe I should just ramble on about things like quinoa and sweet potatoes here... No?

I am probably trying to weave too many webs at once, and it's making me buggy.

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