Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Feeling much, much better.

Hard at work on the summer 08 blossombones. I'm really excited about the looks of this issue...and the fabulous lineup of writers therein!

Also: check it! Three of my poems are featured at the new online zine, Brain Box. Very cool indeed. I think Brain Box has a really great look, and a nice variety of poetry and artwork, too. Visit them. And submit some poems, too! They're currently taking subs for the next issue.

(As a side note, I had bit of trouble loading them in Safari. If you are a MacUser--as I am--use Firefox to visit the site.)


More bits and pieces are forthcoming. In the meantime, I got some spiffy new glasses. (The last pair being over four years old and crooked...'cuz I totally sat on them and then just tried to twist the frame back into shape myself.) These are much, much better:

I especially dig the bit of rhinestone bling at the corners.


I also did something totally ridiculous the other day, and bought an $11.00 bottle of pomegranate shampoo. In the spirit of in for a penny, in for a pound, I also bought an $11.00 bottle of conditioner.

Let's not even talk about the green tea infused hair gel.

My hair smells mighty nice. And the frizz has calmed a bit. Not sure it's worth eleven bucks (x3), though.

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bc said...

Brainbox IS a very nice-looking joint! But the poems contained therein are pretty sassy! :-)

Like the new specs!