Saturday, May 17, 2008

cough. hack. sniffle.

Crapity. I hate being sick.

I am missing one of the plays at the Goodman today, (I have season tickets) because of this whole fever/cold/sore throat business, which came on rather suddenly Thursday night.

At least I am considerate enough not to go anyway and cough all over the other theater-goers!

But I still hate to waste the ticket.

So, I'm a little bummed about that.


I am half-way done with the proofs for Summer--more are going out today. I took yesterday off to rest and such.


I also just finished reading Demon Theory by Stephen Graham Jones, which is so, so, fabulous. I shall have to write up a little rave for goodreads! If you dig horror film, humor, pop culture trivia, and all that good stuff, you'll totally love Demon Theory. Actually, I plan to read it a second time, eventually. It's that good.

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