Tuesday, June 12, 2007

shameless plug

Having just mentioned the blossombones blog in my previous post, I think a shameless plug for the e-zine is in order.

First, a little information about the online literary journal blossombones--written up by the charming and delightful Melissa Culbertson. (with a little input from moi. . .) Thanks Melissa!

ABOUT blossombones:

blossombones is a literary e-zine that prides itself in featuring work that in some way deals with the feminine experience. We are interested in publishing innovative, fresh writing that uses concrete language and experimental as well as traditional forms. We are dedicated to publishing only the best work. Please do not send us didactic prose, weepy emo rants, or anything that could belong in a Hallmark card. Though blossombones is especially interested in woman-centered writing, writers of both sexes are encouraged to submit. You have an equal opportunity with us whether you are a poet laureate with ten books under your belt or you are a newcomer to the literary scene.

While the main site for blossombones is currently under construction, I expect to have it up and running within the next week or two. In the meantime, be sure to visit our blog for information about the journal, and other fun stuff. You can find the blog at:


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