Sunday, July 26, 2015


Gradually returning from extended dreamwalking in that unpleasant parallel plane of existence I visit when I am sick. Less shaky today having consumed one quarter of a sandwich last night without DYING. Also: chamomile tea is lovely and soothing.

I was so sick I was TOO SICK TO READ.

Let's add another stellar trip to the ER to my growing record although this was the most benign so far although I do not recommend dehydration it is very very awful to retch nonstop until all that comes out is some kind of foamy mucous again and again until it feels like someone cleaned out your stomach with a garden rake.

Maybe I need to start taking vitamins and change my diet to pricey organic superfoods. Maybe I need acupuncture or a voodoo priestess to lift whatever curse has been placed on my tired, sad body. I am beginning to feel that I'll try anything level of desperation to feel well and whole and energetic.

This totally has to start getting better. I am so overdue for a period of relative good health.

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