Wednesday, July 15, 2015


The totally crap thing about  having a chronic illness is there is not a single day that goes by where you do not obsess about how you feel. I'm sure this is counterproductive but when you feel like someone has been beating you with brass knuckles and cast iron skillets all night and great clumps of hair slide down your back in the shower and you wake up feeling like you are going to vomit unless you hold very still and don't move it is hard to think about anything else.

I spend almost every spare moment sleeping after work and usually on my entire day off too.  I am often too tired to read for very long and it is difficult to stay awake to watch a 90 minute movie. The truth is this last year has been unbelievably sucky and I want to complain about it so I will do it here because it's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to.

I am thinking about buying a pretty pill bag instead of using that plastic SMTWThFS case. This is how I treat myself these days. Ha!

I had PT today and my therapist dug around in my knee forEVER and it hurt so bad I had the shakes afterwards.

I spent the rest of the day on the couch.

For now this is more of my-living-with-chronic-illness blog instead of my poetry blog so let's just roll with it, okay?

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