Monday, November 8, 2010

More on Hauntings & Random Shite

I have decided I would like to live in a haunted house. It should be creaky & eerie & inhabited by benevolent ghosts. I would hold old-fashioned seances for tourists & the tables would levitate & there would be rattling chains & knockings in the walls. I would have a crystal ball. I would serve tea & biscuits. Life would be relatively peaceful. I suspect I have a stronger affinity for the dead than for the living.

Last night I dreamt my house was very, very dirty. The sofa cushions were stained & the bathroom tiles were crusty. Neighbors were wandering through the house commenting on the general filthiness & I felt terribly embarrassed. This is a lame dream. Apparently I am not as cool as I think I am & I actually care what people think of me. How dreadful.

If I lived in a haunted house, a little filth would be expected. And the ghosts wouldn't care anyway.


Poetry Brothel was awesome this weekend. I find it uplifting to spend time in the presence of poets & dancers & musicians. It reminds me that people are generally pretty cool & that humanity does have some redeeming qualities. I read my poem about Elizabeth Bathory. I think people liked it. All of the brothel poets are super-cool & the dancers are amazing & I am now fascinated with the burlesque, with dancing as a means for storytelling. It's such a compelling art form. I love it.

I am very lazy about uploading pictures from my camera. I will post some soon. Probably.


Later, in the real world, where people are not dressed in beautiful costumes:

Lately I am very aware of being snubbed, rebuffed, given the stink-eye & other forms of passive-aggressive behavior. I dislike this. I try not to do this to anyone, even if I am not particularly fond of them. I am a big believer in civility. I don't expect to like everyone, but I do think it's important to be polite.

I am very tired of worrying about inadvertently offending people. I don't mean to be weird. Honest.

Scary Vending Machine Item of the Week: Plastic tray of pre-cooked bacon & eggs. Horrifying.


Kathleen said...

Nobody should be snubbing or rebuffing you, dear. Cyberpoo on those stink-eyed people. But that's them, not you. And don't you forget it! (I have to tell myself this every time I am snubbed and rebuffed.)

Susan said...

Yes, cyberpoo on all meanness & purveyors of such! I must keep this in mind, always.

My dream of a dirty house inspired a long, sweaty cleaning jag in which I vacuumed cobwebs from the ceiling and scrubbed the fireplace. Ha.

janelle elyse kihlstrom said...

The civility thing made me laugh because I have these same sentiments all the time, and am always feeling guilty for potentially offending people. Wouldn't the world be easier if people could just agree to be nice, for the most part, and assume that others intend the same? Speaking of dreams :)
By the way, love the poems in Ghost Ocean!

Susan said...

Thanks Janelle :)

I dream of a more civil world, too!